Frequently Asked Questions


 Q: How do I get a quote for granite, quartz, or stone?

A: In order to give you a quote for your countertops, we will need a layout or drawing with back wall measurements. We also need to know the following: 

  • Type of sink you will use (Drop-In or Undermount)
  • Type of stove you will use (Slide-In, Freestanding, or Cooktop)
  • Type of backsplash you want (4" granite, full-height granite, or tile)
  • Type of edge profile you want (pencil, half bullnose, full bullnose, or ogee)

Q: What do I clean my granite countertops with?

A: Clean the countertop with warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent or antibacterial detergent. Rinse the surface thoroughly with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Too much detergent may leave a film or streaks. Rinse the countertop with warm water to remove the film. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing ammonia (i.e. Windex). These will strip the sealer off the countertops.

Q: What do I do if I spill something on my granite countertops?

A: Blot with a paper towel immediately. Do not wipe the area because it will spread the spill. Flush the spill with warm water and mild/antibacterial dishwashing detergent then rinse thoroughly. Dry the area with a soft cloth. Granite can stain if spills are not cleaned immediately. Properly sealed granite will repel most stains if spills are cleaned promptly.

Q: Were my granite countertops sealed when they were installed?

A: All granite countertops that Aspen Tops East, Inc. installs are sealed on-site after installation. You can reseal the countertops as often as every six months, or as little as once every two years depending on how often you use your countertop. 

Q: Are granite countertops scratch-resistant?

A: While granite is the most scratch-resistant surface available, we recommend you do not cut on it directly; use a cutting board. We also recommend that you use trivets or mats under ceramic objects that can scratch the surface.

Q: Is there a warranty on granite countertops?

A: No, there is no warranty on granite countertops because it is a natural product.